About Me

Once upon a time I had a friend who was a graphic designer. When I went to him, I would watch what he was doing and learn. When I got home I had to buy and install Adobe Photoshop. I tried to copy what he did. Unfortunately it was terribly difficult… That was the beginning of my journey as a graphic designer.

Now that some time has passed, I have learned a lot of things not only about graphic design. I’ve also learned some programming stuff like HTML, CSS, WordPress and other CMS platforms, which has increased my IT skills.

After many years of working in the IT field as both a graphic designer and front end developer, I learned many problems that arise with projects so I decided to help solve them. Currently I am a coordinator, team leader and sometimes project manager in a large company. Today I help, solve problems and teach.

I have worked for many clients. Big and small orders for each of them gave me a lot of experience and taught me how to be a good specialist in IT but not only.

Are you looking for help? Do you want to work with a specialist? Contact me.